Monday, October 19, 2009



i was half way finished my first ever blog

it was deleted


now i must start again and all you poor poor unfortunate
kids will never know what i was starting to write first.

what a shame what a shame.

But this is my first blog and i really wish i had something to rant about.

Maybe i should say something about me?


im Imogen

im 5.4


i do fuck all

now you know me inside out

Everything is moving so slow.
I have plans and some kind of dreams starting to come together
things i want to be
I want to be somebody
But i have no fucking idea were to start.
Its a funny thing ambition.
Its so easy to have a dream
so easy to say im going to be this that the other
But were do you start?

I have always dreamt about being in a band
Bet you didnt know that
and a model
one of the shiiinnneeey people..
Lame i know

but i also want to be
i would like to go to uni
but i have no idea what to do.

I cant help but feel that im running out of time
that ill be too old for any of it soon
is that so ridiculous for a 18 year old?

well im pretty sure i will have something slighty
engaging and entertaining to rant at you some time soon
im a bit nutural for all this at the moment.